Will you help save a generation of smiles?

Your kindness helps find children in urgent need of care

Aldo is two – a cheerful, friendly toddler. For children like him, and their families, waiting is not simply a matter of being patient. Because, for every day they wait, something vital is lost.

They’re losing their health. Happiness. Confidence. They’re losing their chance of a normal childhood and all the joy and hope that brings.

A gift from you today could help make sure that Aldo gets the treatment he needs to survive – and thrive. Will you help save Aldo’s smile?

Children can't wait any longer for the care they need

With so many children waiting for life-saving treatment, it’s vital that we act quickly


are waiting for surgery

21 children*

were born with cleft conditions in the last hour *on average


of people living with unrepaired cleft conditions survive to reach the ages of 15 through 19

45 minutes

is all it can take to perform the surgery that saves and changes lives

The power of your kindness

Enok’s early life was scarred by his experiences of living with an untreated cleft condition. No child should have to endure the stigma and misery that he did.

Together, we can reach more children with cleft conditions who are waiting for care, and make sure they receive the treatment they need early – before their health and their childhoods are needlessly lost.

Support our Lost Smiles campaign with a gift today, and your kindness will help save the smiles of a generation.