The Harley Medical Group

The Harley Medical Group, one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery and treatment groups, is raising funds to help transform the lives of children and young adults living with cleft conditions around the world.  Over £95,000 will be donated over the next three years through the fundraising efforts of The Harley Medical Group, their clients and employees.

Each year, chosen employees from The Harley Medical Group will be travelling to visit Operation Smile international medical projects.  Stories of these experiences will be shared with The Harley Medical Group team and their clients to increase awareness and support for Operation Smile.  This partnership will raise funds to help improve access to free and safe surgery to give hundreds of children all around the world the smiles and lives they deserve.

“We hope our collaboration with Operation Smile will raise much-needed funds to provide care for children and young adults living with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. Our goal is to engage with our clients and clinics to inspire people to support Operation Smile in the long term, and help them deliver lasting change.”

-James O’Shea, Marketing Director, The Harley Medical Group

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