What if it was your child?

Imagine the pain of hearing your child cruelly taunted. Having to hide him away for his own protection. Worrying if he’ll survive.

Imagine being powerless to help him get the medical attention he so desperately needs. Knowing that without surgery he’ll never experience the simple things that many children take for granted.

Anita’s son Alijay lived with the hurt and isolation caused by his cleft condition for 10 years. And like any loving parent, watching her child suffer and being powerless to help him, was heart-breaking.

Boy with cleft condition standing next to his mother with his arm around Operation Smile volunteer

In Ireland, children born with a cleft condition are referred to a specialist team for treatment – but for many children across the world, it’s a very different story.

We’re working to change that story.

And thanks to life-changing surgery from Operation Smile, things are much brighter for Alijay and his mum.

With your support we can help more families to smile.

Will you help us change this story?

It takes only 45 minutes and as little as €180 to give a new smile to a child, but your donation is more than a surgery. All of our supporters give renewed hope to children like Alijay around the world.

Smiling boy with a repaired cleft