Malnourished child with a cleft being spoon fed

Our nutrition programmes are saving lives

Children born with cleft conditions often face major challenges with feeding and receiving proper nourishment during the critical months after they’re born. These factors can lead to malnutrition, delays in growth and development and sometimes even death. If a child is malnourished, it is not safe to operate on them.

Our teams provide nutrition supplements for malnourished children and organise various workshops on nutrition, healthy food, culinary demonstration, breastfeeding, and cup feeding, all in partnership with local organisations. In this way we provide a way for parents to ensure their babies are healthy enough for surgery.

Baby with a cleft feeding from a bottle


You can help us care for acutely malnourished children by providing nutrient-enriched peanut paste, specially designed feeding bottles, breast feeding support and nutritious infant formula. All of our supporters give renewed hope to children around the world.

mother holding her baby with a pack of RUTF paste