Hawa before her cleft lip and cleft palate surgery

Give the gift of a smile this Christmas and help a child like Hawa get the life-changing surgery she urgently needs.

Thousands of children across the world are waiting for cleft surgery – waiting for their new smile.

Will you Donate to Operation Smile this Christmas and help us save the smiles of a generation?

Donate to Operation Smile this Christmas, and together, we can help save the lives – and smiles – of a generation.

Hawa’s Story

Hawa’s mother Enjalo was heartbroken when her baby was born with a cleft lip. It was a painful reminder of the stigma and isolation she faced in her own childhood and she desperately wanted a happier life for her daughter.

Hawa before her cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, covering her mouth. Your Donate to Operation Smile this Christmas will help carrying for children like her

“I spent my childhood crying because I wasn’t allowed to go out… I lived an unhappy life”

– Enjalo

Just like her mother, Hawa was unable to enjoy the simple things that many children take for granted. She couldn’t play with friends and was even excluded from a family wedding because of her cleft lip.

Determined to change her daughter’s future, when Hawa was 10 years old, Enjalo and husband Adam made the gruelling 12-hour journey to the hospital in Jimma, Ethiopia to meet the volunteers from Operation Smile.

The family were delighted when surgeon Dr. David Orr cleared Hawa for her life-changing surgery. And imagine their joy when they were told that Enjalo’s cleft lip could be repaired too.

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, Hawa and her mum have a bright, happy future, but many more children are waiting for their chance to smile.

Hawa and her family after having cleft surgery that your donation this christmas will help provide.

“My daughter has a future to live.”

– Adam

The Pandemic and cleft surgery

As a result of Covid-19, there are currently more than 12,000 children like Hawa, waiting for cleft surgery. That’s a long list – and we need your help to treat and care for each and every one of them.

Hawa, family and friends smiling after Cleft lip and clift Palate surgery

This Christmas season, any donation you make will be matched by a generous anonymous donor.

Your kindness now has twice the impact.

Donate to Operation Smile this Christmas and help save the smiles of a generation.

Make a donation to Operation Smile this Christmas and it will be matched euro for euro – making your kindness go twice as far.

Hawa with her arms open smilling after her cleft lip and cleft palate surgery which your donation to Operation Smile this Christmas will help support

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