Make a business charity donation to Operation Smile and not only will your donation help children living with cleft conditions, but it is also deductible from corporation tax!

The Charitable Donation Scheme allows tax relief on qualifying donations made to approved bodies.

If a company donates to an approved charity, the donation can be treated as a trading expense (subject to a minimum donation per charity of €250), and so will be deductible for corporation tax.

Support Operation Smile today with a business charity donation and help us provide more life-changing cleft surgeries to children like Reymart around the world.


Reymart is only 5 years old, but he’s been bullied his entire life. On his first day of school, the other children teased and abused him. So he hid at home, shunned by others because of his cleft lip.

He would beg his mum, “Can you have my lip fixed so that when I grow up, they won’t mock me or tease me anymore?”

His mum was heartbroken and helpless because she couldn’t afford the surgery he needed. Reymart is one of thousands of children condemned to a lifetime of suffering because their parents can’t afford the care they need.

With the help of a business charity donation we can save a child like Reymart from bullying and pain.

Sad boy with a cleft condition staring at camera. A business charity donation can help children just like Reymart
Boy smiling with his mother after cleft surgery. With the help of a business charity donation we can help many more children like Reymart